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Explore Our Bunker Call and Cargo Operation Services

We serve as your dedicated local representative, handling all aspects of vessel arrivals and departures, port stays, and the necessary legal paperwork for intra-port movements. For your convenience and transparency, we simplify the billing process by providing a detailed Agency Service Report. This report encompasses all the services rendered, accompanied by a comprehensive record of ship spares, duly acknowledged by the Master and Superintendent. Our range of Ship Agency and husbandry services includes:

Bunker Suppliers and Surveyors

We also offer a  variety of Buner supply and survey services to our clients across all borders of East Africa . They include:-

  • Arranging 24/7 attendance and launch services for efficient bunkering operations
  • Coordinate laboratory tests from samples according to owners’ requirements
  • Facilitate and manage any bunker discrepancies or disputes between stakeholders

Cargo Operations

We offer cargo operation services such as:-

  • Liaising with terminal operators before and during your vessel’s cargo arrival
  • Completing Pre-Berthing Questionnaires and facilitating smooth communication
  • Arranging mooring and manages Estimated Port Disbursement Account fee payments, ensuring all financial aspects are handled efficiently
  • Setting up pilotage and berthing tugs in compliance with terminal operations’ requirements
  • Handling the submission of important documents such as Notice of Readiness (NOR), Statement of Fact (SOF), Mandatory Ship Report (MSR) as well as daily reports to ship owners